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Sandra Spence Personality Profile

Creating positive ripples, hoping for a tidal wave.

Sandra Spence Personality Profile
Sandra Spence

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Sandy SpenceSandra Spence


Slogan:    Creating positive ripples, hoping for a tidal wave.
Contact:     510-863-7486 or 250 702 6586 (It’s NOT permissible to contact this Ambassador with services or other commercial interests)
Website:     http://www.spencesolutions.com


About Sandra Spence

MP Magazine: What are the best words to describe you?

Sandra: I am a well-traveled, inspiring, caring, and motivated person.

MP Magazine: How do you balance your work and life roles?

Sandra: I set times for work and play. When I’m my office I keep to my planner and never go to bed before planning the next day.

MP Magazine: How does Faith affect your business?

Sandra: Faith is a state of mind. To be successful in any business you must have faith in the outcome, and that outcome must be well planned and documented  in advance. I have my DMO, (daily mode of operation),  working towards my short and long term goals and I have a great amount of desire and Faith in the outcome.

MP Magazine: What motivates you?

Sandra: I love to see my team members succeed.  I am super motivated to help those that have goals, achieve their goals. I love to help the willing. However, no matter how much you may want success for someone, they must want it more themselves.

MP Magazine: Do you have children? If so, how many?

Sandra: I have 2 wonderful step daughters.

MP Magazine: What has been your most exciting family moment?

Sandra: Family surprise gatherings, like our familyY2K 2000 Millennium celebrations in Cabo, Mexico, when all the family come together to celebrate, and occasions like my mum’s 80th 2 years ago, or family weddings, and now graduations!

MP Magazine: What do you do for fun?

Sandra: I love the outdoors, sailing, scuba diving and motorcycle riding with my best friend and partner in life.

MP Magazine: What is your favorite quote?

Sandra: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Henry David Thoreau.

About Sandra Spence’s Business Sense

MP Magazine: Business Profile Business Buzz Main Feature?

Sandra:  I help women and men make great money with a home based business, for a very small investment and with low risk. The benefits are huge, including significant tax advantages and residual income.Nerium

MP Magazine: Business Profile Business Buzz Consumer Benefits?

Sandra: I have a great product that slows down the aging process so that women look great and feel gorgeous for years to come. Men realize the real results too, because it’s a one product application, and men really appreciate that.

MP Magazine: Targeted Audience?

Sandra: Women and Men, Professionals looking for a break from the Corporate stress and 9 – 5, Medical Professionals, Professionals in the beauty business, Estheticians, Hairdressers, looking for a lifestyle changes and residual income. Realtors, Lawyers,  Working mums wanting more time with their kids, empty nesters, baby boomers, this business appeals to the young professionals too. We have people from 19 – 90 years qualifying for a Lexus car bonus! Isn’t that fantastic!!

Nerium will be opening in many new markets (Countries) in the next few months, so  I am actively looking for leaders with vision, in Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia and many other countries to help take this awesome business opportunity around the world.

MP Magazine: History of Products & Facts?

Nerium AD is a breakthrough anti-aging night cream with unprecedented results.
Nerium International has the exclusive global rights to market all Nerium dermal applications.

MP Magazine: Business Buzz Company Website?

Sandra: www.spences.nerium.com

MP Magazine: Competing Products?

Sandra: We have a night cream, a product which addresses multiple concerns. Clinical trials show that it dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and aging skin. Now show me another product that can do all of that and make your night regime complete in about 60 seconds. Who wants to spend time at night with multiple steps  when you can be enjoying some extra zzzzeees?

MP Magazine: Business Buzz Company Name, Background, Mission, and Motto?

Sandra: Nerium International, founded in 2012.
Mission statement: Make People Better
Mantra is REAL, get real, be real and create real change.

MP Magazine: Tell us about your experience and how long you’ve been in business.

Sandra: I have been involved in relationship marketing and direct sales for 25 years. I have had several careers over the years, including Nurse, Midwife, Medical Esthetician and Realtor. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart.

MP Magazine: How do you feel about competition?

Sandra: Competition is great, keeps everyone on their toes to provide the best product and services for their customers.

MP Magazine: What is your business strategy?

Sandra: The company has broken records being the first company to make the top 100 in the Direct Sales history. Did over $100 Million in sales first  year of business. My personal business strategy involves leveraging the benefits of being in the “Right Place at the Right Time.” We have all heard of that, but now, with Nerium International we have the opportunity of realizing it. Just go to work, help as many people as possible  create their own dreams, and that will realize mine too.

MP Magazine: What sets you apart?

Sandra: There is a real loving, caring, sharing culture in the company. Nerium Int. believes in investing in its Brand Partners, dedicated in helping them develop both personally and professionally. Personal development is their key focus.

MP Magazine: How does your business affect others?

Sandra: My business can help people get on their feet again, it can be their plan B, and working part time, women can still make a significant income which can make a big difference towards eliminating monetary stresses many are facing right now.

MP Magazine: What’ s Next?

Sandra: More travel (with Brand Partners) as Nerium opens into new countries, meeting new friends along the way. So exciting.


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