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Exposure for Distinguished Professionals News Trends & Work Life Balance Realities for Today's Familes

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Millennium Professionals Magazine Advertising Opportunities

Relevant News, Trends and Information for Today’s Work/Family Realities!TM

Millennium Professionals Magazine, a quarterly success and work-family balance publication and international radio show that’s been keeping women, families, professionals and small business owners savvy about work-life-family balance as well as exposing ways for families to spend more time together since 2006.

If  your answer is yes to at least one of the following questions, become a preferred business partner and get exposure via our reach to moms and families!

Do you have products/services that benefit professionals or entrepreneurs (a products or service that makes them look, feel or perform better)?

Do you have a business opportunity that helps others achieve success and/or balance across work and life roles?

Does your business opportunity, product or service have geographical boundaries or can you grow your business anywhere?

People making business and buying decisions based on you/your personality First, then your products, services and opportunity! That’s why we make your personality a priority. The following are affordable ways to do that:

Limited Time Special Options

COMPARE PLANSWork-life Balance Ambassador Special10th Anniversary SpecialEntrepreneurSmall BusinessEnterprise
Duration1 month Flash News/1 year archive3 months/1 quarter3 months/1 quarter3 months/1 quarter3 months/1 quarter
Directory Listing as a Network Expert Partner
Links to your social media sites (increase visibility to build your followers and/or fans)
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unlimited links
Product/Service description to add attention grabbing words.
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Add profile to category
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Option to share your network listing across 100+ social media networks with just a click of a button
Complimentary life or business coaching session with Ph.D. credentialed expert ($299 value)
News & Business Brief written and published by our editors
100 words

200 words

300 words

400 words
Promotion via our social media networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, and, Facebook,
BONLUS: Includes reaching nearly 6,000 active moms on our mother daughter Facebook page ($199 value)

BONUS for registrations received w/in 72 hours of invitation:& Includes reaching nearly 6,000 active moms on our mother daughter Facebook page ($199 value)
Mention and live link from an MP Magazine article in upcoming edition of our magazine: Ways Working Moms Can Achieve Balance & Success
YouTube, Vimeo or other video link to enhance your exposure
Featured Listing
Get to be a guest expert on our talk show (syndicated on the world's largest music store, iTunes!)
Personality & Business Profile
Includes personality and business buzz features
Press Release written by our professionals ($189 value) and syndicated via PR Buzz ($299 value for syndication via PRBuzz)
Press Release syndicated via Google News and 30 other news sites

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If you want to benefit from our reach which targets women, families, and, professionals for work-family and work-life balance solutions, including business opportunities that help others achieve balance and success, without paying thousands of dollars to hire a public relations company or hundreds to thousands of dollars for print and multi-media marketing here’s a power packed comprehensive (meaning it includes: magazine, radio and internet exposure) limited time opportunity!