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Work-Life Balance

Posted on Mar 17, 2013 in Business, Business Coaching, Motivation, Productivity, Professional Development, Work-life Balance

Work life balance


Work-life Balance is Achievable

The results are in and an overwhelming number of working mothers have  said that more time with their families   is far more important to them than money.

Some fifty   percent of mothers expressed  that they would even       take a cut in pay an even turn down a  promotion to have more time for their children. Another forty percent  said that activities such as soccer games, piano lessons, recitals, and parent teacher interaction was far more important to them.

There are a variety of ways to increase family time.

Working mothers…

Flexi-time,  Working  Voluntarily Reduced work Time  Tele-working   Job Share  Career Break    Family Leave ….For the mother working 9-5 these terms may or may not mean that opportunities exist for balance! Research shows that more professionals are demanding work-friendly atmospheres.  In fact, many are transitioning to corporate jobs that are sensitive towards their need to have balance in their lives.

So, what are some simple things that working mothers can do to create boundaries, and, time for family?

Time Management

Everyone has 24 hours each day! Maximize the time spent with your family by responding to family members with care.  In your response to a love one, paraphrase at least one thing that that person said to you during  the conversation. That let’s the person know that you were paying attention.

Set Priorities

As a family, establish which values you consider high priority, i.e., faith, family meals, time together whether a movie at home or mini-vacation, and up keep of the home.  Set goals that are doable, and, prioritize  family-related ones.  Realize that being everything to everyone is impossible! Be honest with yourself and others about your  availability. M

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