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Exposure for Distinguished Professionals News Trends & Work Life Balance Realities for Today's Familes


Relevant News, Trends and Information for Today’s Work/Family Realities! (TM) The exposure for Distinguished Professionals. Millennium Professionals Magazine, which relates to our purpose and mission…a time of success as we provide exposure for entrepreneurs and business owners with a service centered heart serving professionals with a median age of 40-55 with families, shouldn’t be confused with Millennials: a demographic cohort of people born from the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. Magazine features and articles, work-family balance, style, fashion trend reports, image, shopping guides, and more.

MILLENNIUM PROFESSIONALS MAGAZINE is the choice for distinguished professionals! With a terrestrial radio show premiering, multi-media, on-line exposure with our e-magazine, e-blast community of local consumers and business-to-business word of mouth, it is the most comprehensive exposure around. It is an interactive  multi-media and e-magazine for the premier exposure of this Millennium’s Professionals!


One of our unique features is the opportunity to choose the cover of two issue per year through our online selection process. Our goal is to help professionals optimize their potentials through our comprehensive medium of exposure, networking opportunities, and, professional development training.  Magazine features articles, experts, cutting edge work-family balance news and information, health, style, fashion trend reports, image,finance, business opportunities, shopping, and more!